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Research Reveals COVID Lockdowns Claimed 20X More Life Years Than They Saved

COVID-19 lockdowns could be responsible for claiming 20 times more lives than they were advertised to save, according to a new analysis published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

New CDC COVID Guidance Is Agency ‘Admitting It Was Wrong’: Epidemiologist

The new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidance is the agency acknowledging it was wrong in the past to downplay natural...

4x-Vaxxed, Mask-Promoting German Health Minister Has COVID

Still urging others to get vaccinated and boosted.

Sanctions War: Germans Told to Prepare for Gas Shortages, Hot Water Rationing Possible

Fearing Russia might cut off natural gas supplies, the head of Germany’s regulatory agency for energy called on residents Saturday to save energy and to prepare for winter, when use increases.

Charges Dropped Against Man Filmed in Brutal Beating of Elderly Veteran

Charges have been dropped against a man who was caught on video brutally beating an elderly veteran in a Detroit nursing home.

God or Madman: The Awesome Story of Jesus, an Obscure Jewish Carpenter

This coming weekend, the world’s 2.5 billion Christians will celebrate — emphasis on “celebrate” — the torture, execution and resurrection of an obscure Jewish carpenter.

Stanford to International Students: Get the Booster or Face Deportation + More

The Defender’s Big Brother NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to governments’ abuse of power, including attacks on democracy, civil liberties and use of mass surveillance.

Investigation Into Georgia Ballot Harvesting Advances

An investigation into ballot harvesting in Georgia continues after the state elections board gives stamp of approval.

Several Bills Pass Florida Legislature to Help State’s Most Vulnerable Populations

Bills related to patient’s rights, child welfare and the state’s homeless youth population passed the Florida state legislature and are heading to the governor's desk. The majority of the bills, many introduced or supported by state Sen. Ileana Garcia, R-Miami, passed both chambers unanimously and received overwhelming bipartisan support.

France Suspends Vax Passport Program Ahead of Elections

France is set to suspend their “vaccine passport” program on March 14 just before citizens head to the polls national elections.

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