Trump Set to Campaign in Biden’s Home State of Pennsylvania

Former President Donald Trump is set to hit the campaign trail with two stops in Pennsylvania this weekend, a crucial battleground state that will play a big factor in the upcoming 2024 election.

New Biden Administration Rule Targets Gun Show Sales, Faces NRA Criticism

The Biden administration advanced a rule on Thursday that moves toward requiring individuals selling firearms online and at gun shows to conduct background checks...

South Carolina Becomes 29th State to Permit Constitutional Carry

South Carolina became the 29th state to permit constitutional carry, or carrying a firearm without a permit.

NRA CEO Resigns

Wayne LaPierre announced that he will be resigning as the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) CEO.

L.A. Gun Owner’s Carry Permit Revoked After Opening Fire on Intruders

A Los Angeles father and husband who opened fire on an armed intruder earlier this month said his concealed carry permit has been taken from him following the incident.

Massachusetts Bill to Be ‘Worst Anti-Gun Legislation’ in U.S.

Massachusetts House lawmakers passed a bill that is considered to be the "worst anti-gun legislation in the country" by gun rights advocates.

New York State Mandated to Pay NRA Nearly $450,000 in Legal Fees Post Supreme Court Win

Following a landmark victory at the Supreme Court, a judge in New York has mandated the state to remit almost half a million dollars in legal fees to the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Majority of ‘Mass Shootings’ Do Not Conform to Mainstream News Reports

Only 3% of "mass shootings" fit the "active shooter" narrative.

Pro-Gun Advocates Celebrate Alaska Gov. Dunleavy Signing Gun Store Legislation Into Law

Alaska Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy signed a measure into law over the weekend that aims to block state and local officials from closing gun stores during disasters declared by the governor.

Florida Allows Citizens to Conceal Carry Firearms Without Obtaining Permit

The state of Florida is now allowing American citizens to conceal carry a firearm without first obtaining a permit.

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