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Feds Halt Sales of Homemade Guns Before August Rule Is Implemented

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has told one of the nation’s largest homemade firearms parts retailers, JSD Supply, to stop selling its products.

Taliban Orders Women to Cover Faces in Public

The Taliban government of Afghanistan, returning to a policy from their previous rule of the country, has ordered women to cover their faces except for their eyes when in public or around men who are not close adult relatives.

Amazon to Reimburse Employees Who Travel for Abortions

Online retailer will pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses.

How Woke Is Too Woke? Corporate America’s Sharp Left Turn Prompts Unprecedented Backlash

Critics of corporate wokeness say enough, mobilize to combat firms' embrace of far-left causes

In Its First Year, Biden’s HHS Relentlessly Attacked Christians and Unborn Babies

President Biden and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra have launched unprecedented attacks on people of faith.

Gavin Newsom Creates Special Policy for Refugees Who Want to Be Pharmacists

The California State Board of Pharmacy with Gov. Newsome at the helm has created a fast track for foreign refugees who want to work in the pharmaceutical field.

California’s Indoor Mask Mandate Will End Feb. 15, Won’t Apply to K-12 Schools

Californians who are vaccinated will no longer have to wear masks inside come February 15, however the new rule will not include students and faculty at K-12 schools.

Proposed H.H.S. Rule Would Require Private Insurance to Pay For Gender Transitioning

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule that would amend the Affordable Care Act to add an allowance for transition surgeries and hormone therapies.

No ‘Violence’ or ‘Arrests’ Among Thousands at Ottawa ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protest Against COVID Mandates: Ottawa Police

Massive gathering of truckers opposing govt.'s Covid-19 measures sees no violence or arrests.

Deaf Student at Univ. of Chicago Pleads To Rid Mask Mandate to Understand Professors

A deaf student at the University of Chicago is begging that the school drop its mask mandate so he can understand professors again.

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