NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Criticizes White House Over ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

NBA star Jonathan Isaac criticized President Joe Biden over naming Sunday "Transgender Day of Visibility" on Easter Sunday, saying that the White House "know[s] exactly what they are doing."

Booker T. Washington “Cultivate friendship of neighbor-black or white”; Martin Luther King, Jr. “We cannot walk alone” – American Minute with Bill Federer

Booker T. Washington was born in a slave hut on a plantation in Franklin County, Virginia, APRIL 5, 1856.He taught himself to read and write,...

NBA Star Launches Faith-Based Sneaker

Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magics announced that he created a sneaker that has Bible verses.

NFL, NBA Players Send Birthday Message to Israeli Boy Who Lost Entire Family in Hamas Attacks

A group of NFL and NBA players joined together to record a birthday message for a 13-year-old Israeli boy who lost his entire family in the Hamas attacks.

Bronny James, Son of NBA Legend, Suffers Cardiac Arrest Due to Congenital Heart Defect

Detailed investigations into the incident have now revealed a congenital heart defect as the likely cause of this alarming event.

LeBron James’ Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Workout—Musk Raises COVID Vax Suspicions

Basketball prodigy and son of LeBron James, Bronny James, suffered a severe health scare during a practice session at USC, leading to his hospitalization.

ESPN Reportedly Firing 20 Major On-Air Hosts in Recent Layoffs

Sports broadcasting giant ESPN has reportedly let go of around 20 on-air personalities, including some of the network’s most well-known commentators, analysts and journalists.

NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Introduces Anti-Woke Sports Apparel

NBA star Jonathan Isaac has launched a new sports line aimed at supporting conservative values.

Former Coach Phil Jackson Says He Doesn’t Watch The NBA Because It’s ‘Too Political’

Hall of Fame basketball coach Phil Jackson claimed that he hasn't watched an NBA game in years because the sport has gotten "too political."

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