U.S. Weapon Sales Rose Dramatically in 2022

U.S. weapon sales to other nations were more than $51.9 billion due to the war in Ukraine.

Germany Blocks Tank Delivery in Ukraine

Germany moved back on its promise to deliver the Leopard 2 tank, refusing to share the parts that make the tank operational.

Kentucky Progressive Dem. Says Biden Should Be Impeached for War Crimes in Ukraine

Kentucky progressive Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Young has proposed that President Joe Biden be “immediately” thrown out of office for a series of war crimes committed by his administration.

Russian Army Increases Number of Soldiers to 1.5 Million

Intelligence reveals 30% increase in soldiers and 24 new divisions.

Market Value of NATO Weapons Makers Rise

The largest NATO defense corporations have risen 21.5% in market value due to military involvement in Ukraine.

U.S. to Arm Kiev With Sea Sparrows

The US has unveiled a massive new $3.75 billion military aid package for Ukraine, pledging to deliver various weapons to prop up Kiev in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

U.S. Won’t Send Ukraine M1 Abrams Tanks

Reportedly due to high fuel consumption and breakdown rates.

Blackrock to Take Zelensky’s Panhandling Act to the Next Level

Blackrock is the world’s largest asset management and investment firm.

Report Says CIA Is Behind Attacks Inside Russia, Using NATO Ally

Investigative journalist Jack Murphy reported that the CIA is using sleeper cells from a NATO ally to carry out attacks inside Russia.

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