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Former NIH Chief Admits ‘Mistake’ in COVID Mandates

Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) head Francis Collins admitted that lockdowns and other public health mandates were "mistakes."

NIH Nominee ‘Bankrolled’ by Big Pharma Companies

President Joe Biden's nominee to lead the National Institute of Health (NIH) was allegedly "bankrolled" by big pharma companies, according to the American Accountability Foundation.

These Three Chinese Scientists at Wuhan Institute of Virology Were First Infected with COVID-19: Public and Racket

According to the report from Substack accounts "Public" and "Racket," the three individuals in question were Ben Hu, Yu Ping, and Yan Zhu.

NIH Cuts Funding for Wuhan Lab Amid COVID-19 Origin Controversy

Until the recent update on May 17, the WIV was included among foreign facilities that can carry out animal experiments funded by U.S. taxpayers.

Our Tax Dollars Are Going Toward Gruesome Dog Abuse (Again)

U.S. tax dollars have been funding ongoing experiments at the University of Iowa, where “donated” pet dogs are drugged, locked in mesh cages, and eaten alive by sand flies trapped in capsules strapped to their ears.

Watchdog Says HHS Management of COVID Gain-of-Function Research ‘Does Not Fully Meet Key Elements of Effective Oversight’

HHS oversight of gain-of-function research “does not fully meet key elements of effective oversight" and "fell short in terms of transparency and performing reviews."

Fauci’s Net Worth Rose $5 Million During Pandemic, Now $12.6 Million

"While Dr. Fauci has been a government bureaucrat for more than 55 years, his household net worth skyrocketed during the pandemic," said OpenTheBooks CEO Adam Andrzejewski.

Fauci Retirement Likely Over $350,000 Per Year in Taxpayer Funds

FOIAs show the doctor's recent salary.

China’s Wuhan Institute Studied Deadly Bioterrorism Agent, Congress Told

China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the COVID-19 pandemic may have started, conducted work on a deadlier virus with a 60% lethality, according to recent Senate testimony.

NIH Won’t Release COVID Information Due to ‘Misinformation’

The names of scientists working on coronavirus were redacted.

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