GOP Gov. Hutchinson Considering 2024 Presidential Run, Says Trump Is ‘Risk to the Nation’

GOP Gov. Hutchinson considering 2024 presidential run, says Trump is 'risk to the nation'

WHO Chief ‘Believes COVID Did Leak From Wuhan Lab’ in 2019

The head of the World Health Organisation privately believes the Covid pandemic started following a leak from a Chinese laboratory, a senior Government source claims.

Seattle Catholic Church’s Homosexual Event Reflects Rome’s Chaotic Messages on Sexuality

Pope Francis’ mixed signals on gay and transgender issues have allowed a noxious culture of freelance morality to overwhelm the clergy.

Manufacturing Employee Fired After Voicing Concern With LGBT Pride Promotion, Lawsuit Claims

A terminated employee of Arconic has filed a lawsuit claiming the manufacturing company fired him for voicing opposition to the company's promotion of LGBT pride month.

Christian Lawyer Rebuts Tim Keller’s Abortion Tweet

A Christian lawyer criticized Timothy Keller over his statement on abortion.

Trump to Post On Truth Social Before Any Other Sites

Trump has agreed to post on Truth Social before any other social media sites.

Elon Musk Promises to Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban

The incoming Twitter executive says he thinks the ban was unfair.

Is Ukraine’s War Now America’s War?

Last week, sources leaked to The New York Times that, in Ukraine’s targeting and killing of Russian generals and the sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, US intelligence played an indispensable role.

Pence Calls on Biden to ‘Speak Out Forcefully’ Against Potential Violence Against Justices, Disruptions of Catholic Masses

Former Vice President Mike Pence called on President Joe Biden to “speak out forcefully”as protestors plan demonstrations at the homes of the Supreme Court justices and at Catholic masses.

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