Moral Relativism

America’s Pastors Must Confront ‘a Culture Hell-Bent on Rejecting God’, Firebrand Preacher Says

Noting the country's rapid moral decline, a minister highlighted the significance of people in the pulpit who will speak the truth of God's Word.

Opinion: ‘Only Faith and Wisdom Will Reduce the Senseless Violence’

Biden demands action but has no workable plan.

USA Today Hastily Deletes Tweets About ‘Science’ Proving Pedophilia Is ‘Determined in the Womb’

Newspaper scurries to avoid backlash about normalization of noncery.

Archbishop Vigano Issues New Warning about ‘Global Coup’ and ‘Great Reset’

The Catholic maverick takes on Pope Francis, the pandemic, the 2020 presidential election, moral relativism, and more.

Recovering Our Common Sense Means Rediscovering The Divine

A recently translated book by French theologian Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, 'Thomistic Common Sense,' argues that modernity has made a lot of life's basic questions more complicated than they need to be.

What is your truth?

Chaos broke out at a school board meeting last week in New Jersey when a group of disgruntled and courageous parents protested the decision to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous People's Day.

Skillet’s John Cooper says moral relativism, ‘woke ideology’ permeating Church is ‘wrecking Christianity’

Skillet frontman John Cooper has issued a blistering condemnation of “woke ideology” and moral relativism he warned has seeped into the Church, urging Christians to be “extremely vigilant about the Word of God” to combat such false doctrine.

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