Skillet’s John Cooper says moral relativism, ‘woke ideology’ permeating Church is ‘wrecking Christianity’

Skillet frontman John Cooper has issued a blistering condemnation of “woke ideology” and moral relativism he warned has seeped into the Church, urging Christians to be “extremely vigilant about the Word of God” to combat such false doctrine. 

During a recent episode of Abby Johnson’s hit podcast, “Politely Rude,” Cooper revealed that a few years ago, he was shocked to find that people didn’t believe in absolute truth anymore.

“I didn’t even know that would be a possibility,” he said. “I studied postmodernism in college, but I never thought that anyone would actually build a society upon it because it’s so untenable.”

“But that is what we have now built society on,” the Grammy-nominated singer said. “And what’s really scary is how that philosophy has entered into Christianity. It doesn’t even make any sense. You can’t believe in God but not believe in absolute truth because one negates the other. Yet that is what’s actually happening in Christianity.”

Now, the rocker said he’s “outspoken” about what he believes are “scary” changes unfolding in culture. 

“We need to be extremely vigilant about the Word of God,” he stressed. “We need to be extremely vigilant about what the Bible says because if we are not, then we will begin to read the Bible with that same sort of relativism. And when you do that, you’re not starting from a premise that the Word of God is absolute, that God’s Word is supreme.”