Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson Says Censorship is Government’s ‘Duty’

Following the Supreme Court's hearing of oral arguments for the Murthy v. Missouri case, where the Missouri attorney general is claiming the Biden administration violated the First Amendment to censor speech on social media, Jackson said officials have a duty to censor speech.

House Votes to Ban TikTok Unless App is Purchased by American Company

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that bans TikTok unless Chinese parent company ByteDance sells the social media platform to an American company.

Ohio Law Protecting Children on Social Media To Take Effect

A new Ohio law requiring some social media operators to obtain parental consent before creating an account will take effect on January 15.

European Commission Launches Inquiry into Musk’s X Platform

The European Commission has launched an investigation into Elon Musk's social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

New Report Shares Federal Government’s Censorship of American Speech

The House Judiciary Committee and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released an interim report titled, “The Weaponization of 'Disinformation' Pseudo-experts and Bureaucrats: How the Federal Government Partnered with Universities to Censor Americans' Free Speech.”

Biden Cybersecurity Agency ‘Likely’ Violated Free Speech by Colluding with Big Tech, Censoring Election Content

On Tuesday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals broadened an existing injunction to encompass the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), amid allegations of unconstitutional collusion with big tech firms to silence "election-related speech."

1/3 of Democrats Believe Americans Have ‘Too Much Freedom to Speak Freely’

A poll from RealClear Opinion Research found that one-third of registered Democrats believe Americans have "too much freedom to speak freely."

Rand Paul Calls Out Gov’t ‘Moderating Online Discourse on Topics Like COVID-19 Vaccines and the Use of Masks’

U.S. gov't has "used taxpayer dollars to pressure large social media platforms into moderating online discourse on topics like COVID-19 vaccines and the use of masks."

Court Rules Biden Admin Violated First Amendment: COVID-19 Social Media Content Censorship

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, located in New Orleans, found that the Biden administration overstepped First Amendment boundaries in their approach to COVID-19 content on social media platforms.

Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Against the State of California For Violating Free Speech Rights of X

X CEO Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against the state of California for reportedly violating his company's free speech rights by demanding open moderation policies.

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