Resurfaced Video of Former CDC Director Predicting Man-Made Bird Flu Will Be Next ‘Great Pandemic’ Amid Biden Admin Calls for Chicken Vax (Watch)

Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield reveals in a resurfaced interview that gain-of-function research has been conducted on bird flu viruses and expresses concern that society should debate the safety and responsibility of such research, with a coming bird flu pandemic predicted to be worse than COVID-19 and requiring a proportional investment in national security preparedness.

Bachmann: Biden to ‘Transfer U.S. Sovereign Authority’ to World Health Organization, ‘Create a Global Platform for Global Government’

"These amendments would transfer our healthcare decision making out of U.S. hands into the hands of the Director General of the WHO," says Bachman.

‘Cinderella’ canceled at Minnesota theater over ‘98% white’ cast

A Minneapolis-area theater announced the cancellation of its upcoming production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” over concerns the cast was too white.

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