Millennials Fleeing Blue States

The millennial generation, those born between 1982 and 2000, are fleeing blue states.

Amount People Need For Retirement Increases 53% in Biden’s Economy

The amount of money American adults believe they will need to save in order to retire has increased 15 percent over last year and 53 percent since 2020, according to a new survey.

‘Minority Stress’ Among LGBTQ Leads to Cancer, Study Claims

The American Cancer Society (ACS) published a study claiming that "minority stress" affecting LGBTQ individuals increases their propensity to develop cancer.

United States Hits All-Time Low in World Happiness Ranking

The United States dropped to its lowest-ever ranking in this year's World Happiness Report, with a distinctive generational trend emerging as a significant factor. Released...

Number of LGBTQ Americans Surges

The number of Americans identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer has continued to rise over the last several years, according to a poll from Gallup.

Quarter of Gen Z Americans Identify as LGBTQ

The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released a report detailing that more than a quarter of Gen Z Americans identify as being LGBTQ.

Gen Z Considers Hamas ‘Freedom Fighters,’ Poll Shows

A poll from the British group More in Common found that Gen Z is as likely to consider Hamas "freedom fighters" as they are to call them "terrorists."

Young Voters Abandoning Democrats: Republican Leanings Surge Among Former Obama Supporters: New York Times

Young voters, who strongly supported President Obama in 2008, are now leaning more towards the Republican side, indicating a notable shift to the right among younger generations, confirmed by The New York Times.

Target Faces Bleak Future as JPMorgan Downgrades Rating and Slashes Price Target by 10%

Retailer’s financial woes come after it pushed both sexualized and satanic ideology through its products and advertising.

Survey Finds Majority of Gen Z, Millennials Believe Women’s Rights ‘Have Gone Far Enough’ and Men Are Discriminated Against

The survey found that 55% of Generation Z and 57% of Millennials believe that women’s rights have “gone far enough.”

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