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13 Republican Senators Call For Vote Ending Military Vaccine Mandate

Republican Senators are demanding a vote be had to end vaccine mandates for those in the military.

‘Good Samaritan’ With Gun Ends Greenwood Park Mall Shooting

Police say the actions of a Bartholomew County man saved lives after a shooter opened fire in the Greenwood Park Mall Sunday evening.

U.S. Senate Passes $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill

Only 11 Republicans voted 'no.'

Senate Moves $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Package Forward

Critics are calling out the Senate's decision due to shortages and other economic pressure on Americans.

HHS Chief: Taxpayers Should Fund Surgically Removing Kids’ Genitals

The Joe Biden administration in Washington is so committed to the transgender ideology, including the surgical procedures that mutilate the body parts of children and leave them permanently sterile, that his spokeswoman has threatened those who oppose it.

Republicans Call to Cancel Senate’s Citibank Contract Over ‘Abortion Tourism’

Citigroup policy covers costs for employees who travel out of state for the procedure

Senators Demand DOJ Stop Calling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’ for Speaking for Their Kids

Republican leaders are calling upon the Supreme Court to stop labeling protesting parents as "domestic terrorists."

Republicans Introduce ‘TRUCKERS Act’ to Repeal COVID Vax Mandate for Foreign Truckers

Florida Senator Rick Scott led GOP senators in introducing the Terminating Reckless and Unnecessary Checks Known to Erode Regular Shipping (TRUCKERS) Act.

‘RINO’ Republicans Duck Vote to Defund Biden Mandates Leaving Vax Policies in Place

Four Republican senators sat out the vote for an amendment that would have defunded the remaining vaccine mandates put in place by Joe Biden.

Republicans Push for Greater Access to COVID Therapeutics

Republicans are pushing for greater access to monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 after the federal government took over the distribution of such drugs last year.

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