Vandalized Pregnancy Center in North Carolina Criticizes City Leaders’ Silence, Praises Police

The director of a crisis pregnancy center in North Carolina that was vandalized in 2022 said city leaders have been silent about the crime, but local police have gone out of their way to protect the organization.

Tucker Carlson Announces New Show on Twitter, Takes Aim at Mainstream Media (Watch)

"Facts have been withheld on purpose, along with proportion and perspective. You are being manipulated," says Carlson.

Paraguayan Patriots Win Presidency, Defeat WEF-Backed Liberal Party

The right-wing Colorado Party of Paraguay has won the Presidency and secured both chambers of the national legislature in the country's recent elections.

Brazil to Vote on Controversial ‘Fake News’ Bill Amid Free Speech Concerns

Non-compliant social media platforms could face financial sanctions or legal consequences.

Fox News Ratings Plummet 47% Following Carlson’s Exit

Newsmax seems to have benefited from the absence of Carlson.

World Wealth Manager, WEF Partner BlackRock Increased Stake in Fox Corp Two Months Before Tucker Carlson Ouster

In February 2023, BlackRock announced that it had increased its investments in Class A Fox Corporation stock to 15%.

Supreme Court Declines Hearing Fossil Fuel Companies’ Appeals: Climate Change Lawsuits

The decision allows fossil fuel damage claims to be pursued at the state level.

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