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Trump to Attend Minnesota GOP Fundraiser Amid Hush Money Trial Break

Former President Donald Trump will visit Minnesota on Friday for a Republican fundraiser, taking a day off from his hush money trial. Trump will...

Trump Raises Over $50 Million in Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Former President Donald Trump's campaign reportedly raised a record-breaking $50.5 million on Saturday during a major fundraiser in Florida.

Former President Trump Defends Melania’s Image Amid Viral Video Backlash

Former President Donald Trump addressed criticism over a viral video featuring his wife, Melania Trump, during a recent fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida. Taking to...

Melania Trump Shines at Exclusive Fundraiser in Floral Valentino Jumpsuit

Donald Trump’s campaign hosted a lavish and record-breaking fundraiser on Saturday evening in Palm Beach, Florida, raking in a staggering $50.5 million at a...

Former Aide Criticizes Melania Trump’s Women’s Day Message

Former first lady Melania Trump's International Women's Day post on social media drew criticism on Friday from her former friend and aide, Stephanie Winston...

Melania Trump Announces Mother’s Passing

Melania Trump announced her mother's passing on Tuesday evening.

Trump Reveals Melania’s Mother is ‘Very Ill’ Amid Absence

Former President Donald Trump announced that Melania's mother is "very ill."

Melania Trump Welcomes New American Citizens

Melania Trump addressed new American citizens at the National Archives' rotunda, welcoming 25 individuals to the United States.

Trump Kills Narrative He’s Angry with Melania and Sean Hannity over Oz Backing

Mainstream media have reported Trump is angry due to his candidate losing.

Wars Always Begin in the Same Way

Do you remember when the media and Democrats said that Donald Trump would lead us to World War III? Kind of funny now, right?

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