Disney’s New X-Men Cartoon to Feature ‘Non-Binary’ Character

Disney's new X-Men cartoon will reportedly feature a non-binary character in the upcoming season.

Disney Still Plans to Spend $30 Billion on Content While Laying Off 7,000 People

In the face of an unprecedented profitability crisis and the repeated failure of its woke content, Walt Disney Co. executives seem to have settled on a solution: double down on the woke and fire rank-and-file employees.

New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-sexualization, Anti-nuclear Family Agenda

The magic of Disney is fading, according to the president of the Catholic League.

Black Student Union Tells White Students Not to Attend Special Event

The University of Southern California's Black Student Union invited students to a free, private screening of the recently released Wakanda Forever, but asked white students not to attend.

CCTV Video Shows Men Shaking Indian Suspension Bridge Before Collapse

Several men shaking a suspension bridge were caught on camera moments before the bridge collapsed, killing 133 people.

Director Tim Burton Slams Disney as a ‘Horrible Big Circus,’ Says He’s Done Making Disney Movies

Director Tim Burton said he is finished making movies for the Walt Disney Co., describing working for the studio like being trapped in a “horrible big circus.”

‘She-Hulk’ Director Says Project Was Meant to Be a Sex-Positive Show For Kids

The show targeted at kids was called the "horniest" show on Disney Plus.

Tim Allen Trolls ‘Wokees,’ Asks the Question Everyone Is Wondering About This Group

Tim Allen trolled those he labeled “wokees” as he asked the question that has most likely been on everyone’s mind: “Who is the face of woke?”

Marvel Shills For Pfizer With COVID Vax Avengers PSA Comic Book

Marvel has come under criticism for producing a paid for comic book to promote Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccines.

Disney Hires Top Drag Queen for Its New Superhero Show

At least one future Disney “princess” may actually be a man.

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