American High School Boys Shifting Right, Nearly Twice as Likely to Lean Conservative than Liberal

Young women are nearly twice as likely as young men to claim liberal beliefs, signifying a growing gender gap in political ideologies.

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt Signs Bill Defining ‘Female’ and ‘Mother,’ Banning Men from Women’s Restrooms (Video)

The bill forbids men from accessing facilities such as women's restrooms, prisons, rape shelters, locker rooms, and other similar spaces designed for women.

‘Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus’ Case Reported in UAE

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Arab Emirates has reported a new case of a virus in the country.

Former UPenn Swimmer Appears Before Congress to Testify About Interactions With Lia Thomas

Former NCAA Division I swimmer Paula Scanlan testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee, speaking about her experiences with Lia Thomas as a survivor of sexual assault.

Detransitioned Boy Warns Children About Dangers of Gender Surgery

A young male who formerly identified as a transgender woman and was castrated by doctors is now warning others not to follow in his footsteps. 

First Openly Transgender U.S. Lawmaker Federally Charged With One Count of Sexual Exploitation of Children

Originally published July 19, 2023 2:00 pm PDT Stacie Laughton, a former New Hampshire state representative and the first openly transgender lawmaker in the U.S.,...

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Comes Out as ‘Antifa Super Soldier’

Trans-identifying biological male Lia Thomas has now come out as a supporter of "Trantifa."

International Sports Cycling Governing Body Bans Transgender Competitors in Women’s Races

UCI officials assert that this controversial move is a necessary measure "to protect the female class and ensure equal opportunities.”

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