Macy Gray

Fighting God’s Creation Is the Left’s New Religion, but Their Words Will Never Make ‘Pregnant Men’ a Reality

A number of social commentators have claimed that partisan political affiliation has replaced religion as the most important identity for many Americans.

JK Rowling Says She Has ‘Bought Macy Grey’s Entire Back Catalogue’ Following Trans Comments

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has expressed support for Macy Grey after the singer was labeled ‘transphobic’ and a ‘fascist’ for saying biological men cannot become women through surgery.

Macy Gray Pushes Back Against Transgender Ideology: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Be Called Transphobic Just Because You Don’t Agree’

During an interview with Piers Morgan posted to Twitter on Monday afternoon, singer Macy Gray said several things that could put her in the crosshairs of some gender ideology activists.

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