China Is ‘Rewriting the Bible’ to ‘Sinicize’ Religion: Rep. Gallagher

"The PRC rulers are doomed to lose," says Gallagher.

U.S. Federal Deficit Increases 156% While Revenues Weaken

The U.S. federal deficit increased 156% from expenditures as revenues continue to decline.

New Disney Cartoon Series Features Elites Drinking Blood and Worshiping Idols

A new Disney-produced cartoon series is based on an Illuminati-style cult of elites drinking blood and worshiping an all-seeing eye symbol.

Jan. 6 Protester Markus Maly Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison, ‘Freedom Lost, Life Destroyed, My Life Is Upside Down’

January 6 protester Markus Mally was sentenced to 6 years in prison in June, leaving his wife raising a 3 year old little girl and 2 autistic sons at home alone.

Ice Cube Admits He Didn’t Get Movie Role Because He Refused COVID Vaccine

In a recent appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, rapper Ice Cube admitted that he didn't land a $9 million movie deal after refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

Analysts Believe Bud Light Will Receive a ‘Permanent Reduction’ in Business

Deutsche Bank analyst Mitch Collett wrote in Barrons that Bud Light's "recent underperformance implies a permanent reduction in ABI’s U.S. business."

Theories Swirl Biden Admin Knew Titan Imploded on Sunday, Used Tragedy as ‘Smokescreen’ for Whistleblower Testimony Incriminating His Son Hunter

"Convenient smokescreen for today’s House Ways & Means release of IRS whistleblower testimony of DOJ sabotage of the Hunter Biden investigation," one journalist tweeted.

U.S. Regulators Approve Lab-Grown Meat Despite Safety Concerns

Taste testers sign a waiver that reads, "The cultured meat and related food products in the Tasting are experimental" and "The properties are not completely known."

‘World’s Largest’ Lab-Grown Meat Processing Plant Will Have Higher Carbon Footprint Than Natural Livestock Farming: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President

“They can say that it’s designed to feed the world, but it’s feeding the world a non-natural product and it’s a product that is going to require more energy to produce, and don’t tell me it’s sustainable," NCBA President Todd Wilkinson.

Starbucks Union Says Coffee Chain Is Now Banning Pride Decorations

Andrew Trull, a spokesperson for Starbucks, issued a statement denying any alterations in the company's stance or policies concerning Pride or other heritage month celebrations.

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