Lil Nas X

Rapper Lil Nas X Releases Image of Himself on a Cross

Lil Nas X, who claimed he was releasing a "Christian" album, shared a cover image for his new single, "J Christ."

Grammys Roundup: Ukrainian President Addresses Audience, but Less Politics Overall

Sunday's 64th Annual Grammy Awards on CBS focused mostly on music instead of politics, with the notable exception of a surprise appearance via video from the president of the Ukraine.

‘God help you!’: Americans outraged over Converse satanic pentagram logo sneakers

Many Americans are expressing their disappointment and anger at athletic shoemaker Converse, which has launched a new line of sneakers in collaboration with fashion designer Rick Owens featuring a satanic pentagram which is the logo of his brand DRKSHDW.

Judge Orders Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ to Not Be Sold

A federal judge ordered pop star Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” to cease being sold, siding with Nike after it filed a lawsuit against the design company MSCHF Product Studio, which Nike says customized the Air Max 97 shoes without permission.

‘Do you know what’s more exclusive? God-given soul:’ Kristi Noem spars with rapper Lil Nas X over ‘Satan’ shoes

Pouring gasoline on the debate over ‘Satan’ sneakers, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has blasted the product, and went on to cite The Bible in the war of words with the rapper behind the devil-themed shoe.

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