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DNC Approves Party Platform

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) approved its 2024 party platform on July 16 through a virtual vote.

Biden Admin Flying Deported Migrants into U.S.

The Biden administration is flying deported migrants back into the United States, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon.

Michigan Lawmakers Propose Tough Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

A few legislators from Michigan wish to take tough measures against illegal immigration. Recently, the Michigan House Freedom Caucus submitted a resolution and a bundle...

White House Calls Illegal Immigrants ‘Newcomers’

The White House called illegal immigrants "newcomers" in a new brief.

Illinois Lawmakers Propose Allowing Non-Citizens to Serve in Military

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) introduced a bill called the "Enlist Act of 2023" that would allow undocumented immigrants to serve in the U.S. military.

Over 23 Million Immigrants Eligible to Vote in U.S. Ahead of 2024 Presidential Election

According to a new analysis, more than 23 million immigrants to the United States who now have American citizenship are eligible to cast votes ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

One Migrant Entered America for Every American Newborn

Federal data released on October 21 revealed that over 3.5 million migrants crossed the southern border during fiscal year 2023.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces ‘End Birthright Citizenship Fraud Act of 2023’ to Curb ‘Anchor Baby’ Policy and Cut Costs

"Birthright citizenship has been grossly and blatantly misapplied for decades, recently becoming a loophole for illegal aliens to fraudulently abuse our immigration system," says Rep. Gaetz.

Biden Administration Tightens Border Control for Four Countries

Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Poll Reveals Two-Thirds of Americans Support Border Wall

A Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA survey suggests 67% of American voters desire a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

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