Soros, Clinton, Obama Tied to Anti-musk Campaign to Force Boycott of Twitter

Some of the most high-profile liberal figures have joined together to encourage advertisers to boycott Twitter if Elon Musk brings in his promised policy of unfettered 'free speech.'

Amazon to Reimburse Employees Who Travel for Abortions

Online retailer will pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses.

Thousands of Ukrainian Citizens Rounded Up by Their Own Government, Labeled ‘Traitors’

Ukrainian citizens accused of “helping Russia” during the recent war are being snatched out of their homes by the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU).

Natural Immunity Lasts Longer Than Protection From COVID Vax

The natural immunity provided by COVID-19 infection in unvaccinated adults is on par with protection conferred from vaccines against reinfection with or hospitalization from the virus, a new study reveals.

First Human Case of Bird Flu Strain Detected in U.S.

The first confirmed case of the H5N1 bird flu virus in a human has been detected in the United States.

‘The Supply Chain Does Not Exist’: Green Energy Industry Is In For A Rude Awakening

Renewable energy prices have skyrocketed while new wind and solar installations have plummeted over the last year, even as governments continue to forge ahead with ambitious climate plans.

Republicans Call to Cancel Senate’s Citibank Contract Over ‘Abortion Tourism’

Citigroup policy covers costs for employees who travel out of state for the procedure

Ukraine Cracks Down on ‘Traitors’ Helping Russian Troops

Viktor appeared nervous as masked Ukrainian security officers in full riot gear, camouflage and weapons pushed into his cluttered apartment in the northern city of Kharkiv.

Texas Resident Offers Elon Musk Land to Move Twitter Headquarters to Austin

A Texas man offered Elon Musk free land to move Twitter's headquarters out of San Francisco.

Texas, Florida Best States for Business; California Worst

Texas and Florida are the best states for business again, according to this year’s annual ranking published by Chief Executive Magazine. California remains the worst.

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