Pro-Palestine Activists Block Airports

Pro-Palestine demonstrators blocked the John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, and the Los Angeles International Airport, commonly referred to as LAX, in California.

Los Angeles Creates Task Force to Stop Smash and Grab Robberies

Los Angeles is launching a task force that will help combat the increase in retail theft, including smash-and-grab robberies in the city.

LAPD Officers Sue Owner of Anti-Cop Website for Publishing Their Photos and Information

The Los Angeles Police Protective League union filed a lawsuit on behalf of three LAPD officers against an anti-cop website on Friday.

Supervisors in Los Angeles County Vote to Fire 4,000 Unvaxxed LAPD Officers

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors decided in a 4-0 vote to allow administrators to fire as many as 4,000 unvaccinated Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) members.

Police Rescue Pilot Who Crash-Landed Moments Before Train Destroys Plane (Video)

Small airplane crash-landed on railroad tracks in Los Angeles.

L.A. On High Alert After Series Of Smash-And-Grab Robberies

A citywide tactical alert was lifted throughout a majority of Los Angeles on Saturday after the city was hit with multiple smash-and-grab robberies. Los Angeles Police are on high alert after the city underwent at least six flash mob style robberies on Black Friday.

Democratic cities that sought to defund police reverse course amid rising crime, cop shortages

Some Democratic cities that once sought to defund their police departments are now reversing course — some by their own volition, some under pressure from Republican governors or citizen-led initiatives.

LAPD Union Asks NBA to Investigate LeBron over Tweet Targeting Cop

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), the union representing LAPD officers, has asked the NBA to investigate LeBron James over his tweet targeting a Columbus cop.

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