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California Lawmaker Proposes Bill Expanding No-Payment Home Program for Illegal Immigrants

California lawmakers proposed legislation that would expand the state's no-payment home loan program for illegal immigrants.

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Claims Jeffrey Epstein Was Working for CIA

Fox News' Jesse Watters said on his prime-time show Tuesday that he believes Jeffrey Epstein was an intelligence asset for the government.

Fox News Ratings Plummet 47% Following Carlson’s Exit

Newsmax seems to have benefited from the absence of Carlson.

LA Times Claims White Drivers Subject People of Color to Environmental Racism

The study is a "stark reminder of the need for climate solutions that benefit everyone,” said LA Times writer Sammy Roth.

Fox News Fires Lara Trump as a Contributor, Cites Father-In-Law’s Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump's 2024 White House bid means his family members can no longer receive a paycheck from Fox News.

Elon Musk Just FACT-CHECKED Hillary Clinton About The Truth of the Paul Pelosi Attack

In his latest move Musk called out Hillary Clinton for sharing a LA Times article that aimed to paint Paul Pelosi’s “attacker” David DePape as a far-right conspiracy theorist.

Los Angeles City Council Censures 3 Democrats for Racist Comments

The Los Angeles City Council after they were overheard talking racially.

North Korea Offers 100,000 Troops For Putin’s War On Ukraine: Russian State TV

Russia’s Vladimir Putin could accept 100,000 North Korean troops to augment fighting forces in Ukraine, Russian state TV reports according to the New York Post.

Big Businesses Are Fleeing Liberal Cities for Conservative Strongholds

Massive companies are fleeing liberal cities and states. Tired of skyrocketing tax rates, COVID-19 protocols, crime and homelessness, they’re moving to the most conservative...

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