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Biden, Kamala Harris Decline to Comment on Trump Indictment

Both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris declined to comment on Trump's indictment.

Only 2 in 10 Dems Support Biden in 2024 Primary Match: McLaughlin & Associates Poll

The poll suggests that the Democratic Party may be seeking a fresh face to lead them into the next election.

Nearly 100 Babylon Bee ‘Joke Stories’ Have Become Reality

The Babylon Bee has had nearly 100 joke headlines turn into prophecies after the stories eventually came true, the CEO of America’s largest right-leaning satire website told Fox News.

Resolution Calls for Kamala Harris to Be Removed From Head of Immigration Crisis Efforts

Texas Representative Ronny Jackson (R) reintroduced a resolution calling for Vice President Kamala Harris to be removed from her position as head of the Biden administration's "strategy to address the root causes of immigration."

Trump Leads New Hampshire Republican Primary with 41-Point Lead: Emerson College Polling Survey

Trump has a whopping 58% support in a hypothetical primary, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes in at a distant second with 17% support.

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Worried About China’s Global Influence

A majority of the United States is worried about China’s influence around the world, according to a recent poll.

SCOTUS Again Denies Hearing 2020 Election Case Alleging Biden, Harris, Lawmakers Ignored Fraud

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday it will not hear a 2020 election lawsuit against former Vice President Mike Pence, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, 291 House members and 94 senators, after a petition to reconsider was filed last month.

Biden Administration Says Russia Committed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ In Ukraine

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Russia committed “crimes against humanity” in Ukraine in a Saturday statement, vowing to hold Russia “accountable” for murder, torture and rape.

Trump Leads Biden, Harris in 2024 Presidential Matchups

A new poll shows that Trump is leading against Biden and Harris in the hypothetical 2024 election matchups.

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ Husband Kiss During SOTU In Viral Video

During the State of the Union address Tuesday night, First Lady Jill Biden and Kamala Harris' husband were spotted kissing in front of the crowd.

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