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Thousands of Non-Citizens Found on Voter Rolls

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found that tens of thousands of foreign individuals have been found on voter rolls across the country.

Pennsylvania Settles Lawsuit, Purges Nearly 180K ‘Ineligible’ Voters from Rolls

As part of the settlement, Pennsylvania agreed to remove these faulty registrations and pay $15,000 in legal fees to Judicial Watch.

Alexander Soros, Son of Billionaire Philanthropist George Soros, Makes 14 White House Visits Since Biden’s Inauguration

The younger Soros is Chair of the Open Society Foundation, his father's international grantmaking network, and sits on the board of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).

Over 1 Million Inactive Voters Removed from Los Angeles Voter Rolls

In 2022, the county removed an additional 1,207,613 inactive voters, more than half of whom had not voted in at least 10 years.

Microsoft Removes Conservative Sites from ‘Secret Blacklist’ of Blocked Advertisers

Microsoft has deleted the "negative flags" for conservative news outlets, including Newsmax, that were previously blocked from getting advertising dollars.

Judicial Watch Sues HHS Over Censorship of COVID-19 Information

Judicial Watch sues U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for records on pressuring big tech to censor "COVID Misinformation."

Ashli Babbitt Shooter Housed at Joint Base Andrews’ Presidential Inn

Lt. Michael Byrd, who killed Jan 6. protestor Ashli Babbitt, has been living in the Presidential Inn at Joint Base Andrews for six months.

Secret Service Continually Changes Account of Hunter Biden Gun Records

Judicial Watch has revealed that the U.S. Secret Service continually changes its stance over whether or not it holds records corresponding with Hunter Biden's gun.

Soros Nonprofit Awarded $12M from US to Empower Workers in Latin America

The money is going to a group partially funded by Soros' 'Open Society Foundations.'

George Bush Wants U.S. to Keep Funding Ukraine War

Bush is expected to encourage the GOP to further fund the conflict.

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