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AF Exclusive: Jon Voight Interviews President Trump on Anniversary of Middle East Peace Accord

Voight's interview to be broadcast on JLTV and Newsmax.

Jon Voight: Don’t Use ‘Mental Illness’ to Take Gun Rights

Renowned actor and conservative Jon Voight issued a solemn message to the victims of the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting, saying "they have been taken down by insanity" but warning "we must not allow mental illness to take away our right to bear arms."

Hebron Hosts Jon Voight, Who Is Filming a Show Aimed at Evangelicals

Actor Jon Voight says he is calling his new film series 'The Land of Israel: God’s Story’ "because it is God’s story."

CA Recall Election Fraud ‘Suspicions’: Multiple Republican Voters Told They ‘Already Voted’ (Video)

Several Republican voters in the special California governor recall election showed up to vote and were "told that computers showed they had already cast their ballots."

Jon Voight: ‘I have fear of the Lord, God is everything, He is love’

(Christian Today) Hollywood actor, Jon Voight, has said that he strives to be "righteous" and has a "fear of the Lord".

Jon Voight Talks About ‘Moms For America’

Academy Award-winning Jon Voight will be speaking at a "Moms for America" summit in Anaheim, California on July 24.

Tucker hosts explosive interview with actor Jon Voight on faith

Jon Voight Defends American Flag Amid Calls To ‘Burn,’ ‘Redesign’ It

"Our flag is our greatest truth, our greatest past, our greatest trust,” says actor Jon Voight. Renowned American actor and Academy Award winner Jon Voight...

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