Jon Voight Defends American Flag Amid Calls To ‘Burn,’ ‘Redesign’ It

“Our flag is our greatest truth, our greatest past, our greatest trust,” says actor Jon Voight.

Renowned American actor and Academy Award winner Jon Voight defended the American flag and the values it symbolizes in a recent video posted to Twitter, amid calls for the flag’s destruction.

“Our flag is pride, glory, freedom, and no one will destroy her stars and stripes of blood, sweat, and tears. No one,” said Voight. “Our flag is our greatest truth, our greatest past, our greatest trust; our memory of the greatest American heroes, who won the battles we shall never forget.”

Voight’s message, posted to Twitter on Monday, comes just after transgender BMX athlete Chelsea Wolfe made headlines for stating “My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium” in a social media post.

Wolfe told Fox News her statement doesn’t indicate she doesn’t “care about the United States,” insisting that anyone who thinks so is “sorely mistaken.”

But Wolfe’s post, which is from March of last year, has since been deleted.

Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Macy Gray published an op-ed for MarketWatch on Thursday, also critical of Old Glory. Gray urged in her article that the American flag needs a “redesign” because it “no longer represents democracy and freedom” and was “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect.”

This contempt for the U.S. flag is contrasted by Voight’s admiration of it:

“I read that there are some who want to destroy our flag. Yes, destroy. This is discussed. To think that one could suggest such horrors. This is a Left mentality with a scornful soul of racism to dare try turn our flag to a flag of negativity,” lamented the 82-year-old actor, characterizing the flag as a “sacred bond connects the land of the free.”

“We will wave her strong. We will wave her with dignity, for she is and always will be the red, white, and blue. And every child who is born will remember the sacrifice their ancestors won, the Civil War, the righteousness of the American dream. God’s dreamland of the free, God’s glory,” Voight said.

News broke major headlines yesterday (here) of Colorado Mayor—Shane Fuhrman—going so far as to ban the Pledge of Allegiance from public meetings.

A viral video shows one attendee openly defying the mayor, stating that she wanted to stand for the pledge. Nine other attendees and two board members joined her before Fuhrman declared that they were “out of order.”

Sources close to Voight report the actor’s collaboration with Jewish Life TV (JLTV)—an upcoming TV series—is in post-production, to be released in 2021.

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith.