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Hospitals & Healthcare began with Christian Charity – American Minute with Bill Federer

 The Byzantine Empire's School of Nisibis, founded in the 4th century, sometimes referred to as the world's first university, was a Christian center of scientific and medical learning, located in...

New Report Criticizes Government’s Handling of COVID

A new report has criticized the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, citing that lockdowns, school closures and vaccine mandates were "catastrophic errors."

House Committee Demands MIT Respond to Antisemitism

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce is demanding that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provide documentation regarding its response to antisemitism on campus.

Johns Hopkins University Facing Federal Antisemitism Inquiry

The Department of Education announced that Johns Hopkins University is facing a federal antisemitism inquiry after a complaint claimed that Jewish students were being made to feel "unwelcome and unsafe" on campus.

Nepotism or Strategy? Trump Endorses Whatley, Lara Trump for GOP Leadership Roles

Former President Donald Trump announced Monday night his preferred choice to lead the Republican National Committee, aiming to replace current Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Trump...

Harvard University to Keep COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Students

Harvard University is keeping its requirement for students to have received the COVID-19 vaccination.

King Charles III Diagnosed With Cancer

King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace.

‘Left-Wing Lunatics’ Eye COVID Restrictions to Influence 2024 Election: Trump Vows ‘We Will Not Comply’

“We will not shut down our schools. We will not accept your lockdowns. We will not abide by your mask mandates, and we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates.”

Brown University Students Identifying as LGBTQ+ More Than Doubles Since 2010

A student newspaper reported that students identifying as bisexual increased by 232%.

Johns Hopkins University Erases ‘Woman,’ Claims Lesbian Is a ‘Non-Man’

The university then backtracked and deleted the glossary.

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