Jason Furman

The Economic Facts Demand a Democratic Midterm Defeat

The November midterm elections fast approach. Democrats are touting their massive stimulus, the mendaciously named Inflation Reduction Act, and the constitutionally illegal student loan...

Wealthy Professions Benefit Most from Biden’s Student Loan Payment Delays

Estimates vary widely on how much President Joe Biden’s $10,000-20,000 per borrower cancellation of student loans will cost taxpayers, but a new analysis estimates the significant cost of a less-covered aspect of Biden’s plan.

U.S. Wages Crash by Almost 3%

Americans’ wages have dropped by almost 3 percent under President Joe Biden’s high migration, big-spending policies, according to data presented by one of President Barack Obama’s top economists.

Fastest Consumer Price Increase Since 1982—6.8% Jump in November

New data show inflation rising at fastest pace in 40 years under Biden admin.

Biden-Friendly Economist: Bigger Benefit Checks Mean Fewer Workers

Higher unemployment checks, not school closures and a lack of child care services, are what is keeping American workers from returning to the workforce and "holding back the recovery," Biden-friendly economist Jason Furman says in new economic analysis.

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