James Carville

Clintons ‘Quietly’ Involved in Biden Campaign, ‘Engagement’ with Washington

Speculation has surged that Bill and Hillary Clinton are "quietly" working in the political scene as the 2024 presidential election nears.

Hillary Clinton Warns Leftists Focusing on Transgender Issues Isn’t an Election Winning Strategy

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has warned leftists that they should drop transgenderism as a core policy issue if they want to win future...

CNN’s Harry Enten Predicts Republicans Will Take Huge Majority in the House 

Republicans in the "best position in over 80 years."

Marxism and Critical Race Theory

The left does everything to scrub their connection, CRC’s Wikipedia entry leading the way.

Voters Give Democrats a Woke-Up Call: WSJ

Will the party recognize its mistake in embracing extremism? Will the GOP prove worthy of its wins? ‘Took my first DC trip yesterday since pre-COVID....

Dem Strategist James Carville Says His Party Is Afraid to Admit ‘Wokeness Is A Problem’

Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville says his party is too afraid to admit it, but addressing the perils of “wokeness” culture is a major issue when it comes to messaging.

James Carville Says Identity Politics, Cancel Culture Hurt Democrats

Democrats will lose future races if they continue to embrace identity politics, cancel culture and efforts to defund the police, says veteran Democrat strategist James Carville.

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