No Silence From The Lambs: Jack Hibbs

The time is now for the Church to stand against the censorship tyranny of Big Tech and Big Government.

46% Of Democrats Say DA Prosecuting Trump Would Be ‘Outrageous Abuse of Power’

Democrats appear to be divided when it comes to the rumors of leftist Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg potentially indicting former President Trump, as 46 percent would consider it an “outrageous abuse of power” at the hands of a radical DA, Monday’s Rasmussen Reports survey found.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Sending Trump Poison in 2020 Letter

A woman from Canada, Pascale Ferrier, pleaded guilty to sending then-president Trump a letter containing the poison ricin.

Ray Epps Admits He ‘Orchestrated’ Jan 6 Events

Ray Epps, self-described organizer of January 6 attack on United States Capitol, testifies before Select Committee, denies being government informant, admits involvement and organization, has not been arrested or charged despite admitted involvement.

Former DEA Agent Who Put Viktor Bout In Prison Slams Brittney Griner Trade

A former DEA agent who played a major role in bringing notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout to justice more than a decade ago believes that Russia got the upper hand in the Brittney Griner prisoner swap.

CDC, HHS Offer $1 Million for Research to Predict Vaccine ‘Misinformation Trends’

Two federal public health agencies will provide $1 million in grant funding to develop “a “public health tool” to predict vaccine “misinformation trends.”

True the Vote Leaders Released From Jail

True the Vote leaders Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht were released from jail following an overruling by an Appeals Court.

North Carolina Single Father Jailed for 24 Hours With No Bond for Refusing to Wear Mask in Judge’s Courtroom

A judge in Harnett County, North Carolina, put a man in prison for showing up for jury duty without a face mask.

Zelensky Won’t Get Nobel Peace Prize

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hasn't received the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, the award instead going to human rights campaigners from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Gordon Chang: ‘Something Is Terribly Wrong’ in China

While the reports of an attempted coup against Chinese President Xi Jinping are likely untrue, Far East foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang tells Newsmax where there is "smoke" there is likely some sort of "fire somewhere."

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