DSA Withdraws National Endorsement of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is losing the national endorsement of the Democratic Socialists of America, a well-known liberal organization, due to the congresswoman's failure...

VP Kamala Harris ‘Honors’ Death of Palestinians in Rescue Mission That Saved Four Israeli Hostages

Vice President Kamala Harris recognized the death of Palestinians who were killed in a rescue mission that saved four Israeli hostages.

Al Jazeera ‘Journalist’ Held Three Israeli Hostages in His Home in Gaza

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed that Abdallah Aljamal, an Al Jazeera "journalist," was holding three Israeli hostages in his home in central Gaza.

U.N. Watch Accuses Special Rapporteur Albanese of Taking Payments from Activist Groups

Watchdog organization U.N. Watch accused Francesca Albanese, the Human Rights Council's special rapporteur, of taking payments from activist groups.

Four More Hostages Captured By Hamas Deceased

Four additional hostages kidnapped by the terrorist group Hamas were declared dead by the Israeli military this week.

Pro-Hamas Groups Call for Global Uprising in Major Cities

Pro-Hamas groups across the United States are now openly calling for an "intifada" in "every capital and city" worldwide. "Intifada" means "uprising" or "rebellion" in...

Biden Administration Declines to Confirm Use of U.S. Bombs in Deadly Rafah Strike

The Biden administration did not confirm on Wednesday if Israel used American-made bombs in a recent airstrike that killed numerous displaced Palestinians at a...

United States to Play Major Role in Gaza Stabilization with Appointed Adviser

The Biden administration is considering appointing a U.S. official as the top civilian adviser to a predominantly Palestinian force once the Israel-Hamas conflict ends,...

Israel Returns AP Equipment After International Outcry

Israel has returned broadcasting equipment belonging to the Associated Press (AP) after seizing it and shutting down the news agency's live feed in Gaza....

Biden Criticizes ICC’s Requests for Arrest Warrants

President Joe Biden criticized the International Criminal Court's (ICC) requests for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders.

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