Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Accuses Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Attempting to Keep Him in Prison (Video)

“If Dan Crenshaw is willing to lie to gain favor with other politicians to climb that political ladder and pretty much throw somebody away for life, what do you think he’s doing to the American people?”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Endorses Military Action to Combat Mexican Drug Cartels, Calls for Designation as Terrorist Organizations

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorses the idea of using the U.S. military to combat Mexican drug cartels and supports designating them as foreign terrorist organizations in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

ISIS Supporter Arrested in Plot Against St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A New York man who expressed support online for the Islamic State is charged with plotting to kill police officers and threatening to kill a mayor on the street where the local St. Patrick’s Day parade was slated to be held.

Supreme Court Hears Case Challenging Protections for Big Tech

The cases center on whether social media platforms can be held liable for recommended content based on their algorithms, and whether Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects companies from being held liable.

Four U.S. Soldiers And Dog Wounded In Operation That Killed Senior ISIS Leader

Four U.S. soldiers were injured in an operation in the Middle East this week that successfully killed the intended target of the mission — a senior ISIS leader.

AI Used for ISIS Now Adapted to Censor Americans

Artificial intelligence once used to silence the terrorist organization ISIS is now being adapted to monitor and censor Americans' dissenting opinions to mainstream narratives.

Pentagon Warns of ‘Next Generation’ of Extremist Fighters as Terror Group ISIS Plots 2023 Comeback

A long-feared Islamic State resurgence may arrive this year, military officials and national security insiders warn, as conditions are brewing across the Middle East and Africa for the group’s second coming as a major terrorist force and threat to global stability.

Judge Dismisses Kari Lake Lawsuit

Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled that the claims on trial lacked lacked “clear and convincing” proof of intentional wrongdoing in Maricopa County that would affect the outcome of the Arizona election.

Full Transcript of Trump’s 2024 Presidential Bid Announcement

"In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States."

Gettysburg College Postpones Event for People Tired of ‘White Cis Men’

Gettysburg College has postponed a painting and writing event hosted by its Gender Sexuality and Resource Center for people who are “Tired of White cis men.”

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