FBI Won’t Release 2020 Voter Registration Fraud Probe, Denies FOIA Requests

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is maintaining tight control over the documents related to a 2020 voter registration fraud probe involving GBI Strategies.

House Republicans to Launch First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Next Thursday

To scrutinize allegations surrounding the president's potential involvement in his family's international business endeavors.

Trump’s 2020 Election Fraud Claims Protected by Presidential Immunity, Pennsylvania Judge Rules

In a significant ruling on Monday, a Pennsylvania judge decreed that former President Trump's comments casting doubt on the 2020 election results, made during his term, fall under the purview of presidential immunity.

33% of Americans Say COVID Vaccine Kills Some—25% Believe MMR Vaccine Causes Autism: Kaiser Survey

Data taken from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that 35,980 deaths have been linked to the COVID vaccine; medical literature confirms vaccine-linked disease to autism.

New App ‘VotifyNow’ Aims to Strengthen Election Integrity by Tracking Reported Irregularities

In response to rising concerns over election fraud, especially prevalent during the 2016 presidential and 2018 midterm elections, entrepreneur Johnny Vieira introduced an app named VotifyNow.

Trump Cancels Conference Addressing Georgia Election Fraud

Trump's lawyers advised the cancelation.

Judge Rules Trump Claims of 2020 Election Fraud Protected by ‘Presidential Immunity’

This ruling has dismissed an election worker's attempt to sue Trump for the aftermath of these statements.

Nikki Haley Claims ‘Climate Change is Real’ During Tucker Carlson Interview

During an interview with Tucker Carlson last week, 2024 presidential hopeful Nikki Haley said she believed "climate change is real."

Mike Pence Notices There Were ‘Irregularities in the 2020 Election’ During Tucker Carlson Interview

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed former Vice President Mike Pense during the 2023 FAMiLY Leader Summit in Iowa.

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