Iranian Foreign Minister

Iranians Asked to Pray for President After Helicopter Goes Missing

Iranians have been asked to pray for the safety of President Ebrahim Raisi after his helicopter went missing on the way back from a meeting over the weekend.

199 Hostages Held in Gaza

“We will not carry out an attack that would endanger our people," says Israeli spokesperson.

Israel Reportedly Responsible For Drone Strike On Iranian Factory

Israel reportedly carried out a drone strike targeting an Iranian munitions factory Sunday as tensions grow between the two countries.

Iran Regime Plans to Construct Nukes, Destroy New York

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said goal to develop atomic warheads, destroy New York.

Calls for Kerry’s Resignation Mount After Bombshell Allegations Surface

Biden administration climate czar John Kerry, also a former Secretary of State in the Obama administration, is under fire for allegedly leaking information about Israel to the Iranian Foreign Minister.

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