Republicans Officially Censure Cheney & Kinzinger, Remain Loyal Trump: ‘Back Him 100%’

“If President Trump decides he’s running, absolutely the RNC needs to back him, 100%,” said RNC committeewoman Michele Fiore.

RNC Approves Censure Vote of Reps. Cheney, Kinzinger

The lawmakers were censured for their involvement with the House investigation into January 6

Senate Report Reveals Biden Failures That Led to ‘Botched’ Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was defined by inept planning and poor decision making, causing significant and numerous failures throughout the process, according to a Senate report released Thursday.

Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Allowed to Trot the Globe Even After Conviction

Devon Archer, longtime business partner of Hunter Biden, has been allowed to make dozens of international trips since his conviction for securities fraud.

Trump Says CNN’s Zucker Fired ‘Because of Horrible Ratings Down 90%’: ‘An All-Time Low’

President Trump's message knocked the former CNN president's likability.

Washington’s NFL Team Unveils New Name as Commanders

Washington has some new Commanders in town.

CNN President Zucker Resigns After Relationship With Co-worker Exposed

CNN president leaves news org abruptly.

COVID Testing Company Faked Results Without License

The Center for COVID Control was found faking test results and opperating without a license for their testing sites, according to a new lawsuit.

Biden Admin Contracts With In-Home COVID Test Kit Company Praised for ‘Obeying’ the Chinese Communist Party

The Biden administration raised alarms by contracting with a previously black-listed at-home COVID testing company that has received massive subsidies for their compliance with the Chinese Communist Party.

US Prosecutor Issued Grand Jury Subpoena for Hunter Biden Bank Records Connected to China

A U.S. attorney issued a grand jury subpoena for the bank records of President Joe Biden’s son and brother in 2019, according to documents released to the public for the first time in January.

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