Hunter Biden Sells Paintings Up to $200,000 In Art Show at NYC Gallery

Hunter Biden was seen on Friday at a ritzy New York City art show hocking his pieces for well into the six-figure range, despite facing a congressional investigation into his international business dealings.

Biden, 52, was spotted at his exhibition at the Georges Bergès Art Gallery, which told Fox News that his prices are between $65,000 and $200,000 per piece.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s son is at the epicenter of a Republican-led House ethics probe into some of his suspicious activity involving “influence peddling.”

After the GOP won back control of the House last month, Congressional Republicans led by Oversight and Reform Committee ranking member James Comer of Kentucky announced that the investigation would be heating up come January to determine whether the president “is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars.”

“Whistleblowers described President Biden as chairman of the board. For these businesses. He personally participated in meetings and phone calls, documents show that he was a partner with access to an office. To be clear, Joe Biden is the big guy,” Comer said in a November 17 news briefing.

“The American people deserve transparency and accountability about the Biden family’s influence peddling,” Comer said. “With the new Republican majority, Oversight Committee Republicans will continue pressing for answers to inform legislative solutions to prevent this abuse of power.”

Comer is backed by several other prominent House Republicans, including Ohio’s Rep. Jim Jordan, who slammed the mainstream media for ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Hunter’s artwork has been labeled as overpriced by some ethics officials, who are of the opinion that his art sells for top dollar because he’s the president’s son, not for his artistic talent.

“There is simply no way an artist who has never even juried into a community center art fair is going to suddenly show up in New York selling art for half a million a pop,” Former President Obama’s “ethics czar,” Walter Shaub said on Law & Crime’s “Objections” podcast.

“Let’s talk about the magnitude of this,” he said. “That’s $6.5 million going to the president’s son for being the president’s son, not for being an artist, and I just think that’s absolutely appalling.”