GOP Presidential Contender Ramaswamy Would Not ‘Persecute’ Biden Family If Elected

“The question is: Is the next thing that I then want to do, after we have set our nation forward, is it to then focus my agenda on persecuting Joe Biden or his family? My answer to that question is no.”

Sen. Ron Johnson Seeks Investigation into NIH Over Concealed COVID Records

Johnson stated, “These statements reveal an attempt to limit public access to certain communications directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially in violation of federal record keeping requirements.”

Special Counsel David Weiss Appointment Violates U.S. Code

Weiss already worked for the U.S. government prior to the appointment.

Attorney General Garland Announces Special Counsel for Hunter Biden Probe (Watch)

In his statement from the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters, Attorney General Garland revealed that the decision came after the investigation had "reached the stage" where the powers of a special counsel were necessary to continue.

Former FBI Agent Involved in 2016 Trump Probe Set to Enter Guilty Plea in Russian Oligarch Case

McGonigal, 54, previously at the helm of New York’s FBI counterintelligence operations during the Trump-Russia inquiry, is now at the center of a scandal that alleges illicit ties with Oleg Deripaska, a Russian businessman.

Bank Reverses Course, Reinstates UK Conservative’s Account After Backlash

The bank planned to close Nigel Farage's account due to his political views and friendship with Donald Trump.

Banks Have Filed More Than 170 Suspicious Activity Reports Tied to Alleged Biden Family Corruption: Rep. Comer

Allegations of money laundering, human trafficking, and tax fraud tied to the Biden family.

Comer, Greene Investigating Alleged Hunter Biden Victims of Sexual Exploitation

DOJ "disregarded the victims who were sexually exploited by Hunter Biden."

House Speaker McCarthy Raises Calls for Impeaching Biden (Watch)

“This is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry."

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