Florida Teacher Under Investigation After Showing Disney Movie To Students

A fifth-grade teacher in Florida is under investigation from the state Department of Education for showing a Disney movie about green energy ideology.

EU’s Support for Ukrainian Military Raises Questions on Commitment to Peaceful Aims

"I used to trust the EU because it has always played an important role as a balancing force and has never directly participated in wars," President Lula said. "However, the EU is directly involved in this conflict."

Minneapolis Becomes First U.S. City to Allow Muslim ‘Call To Prayer’ Five Times a Day

Minneapolis, Minnesota will allow now publicly allow the Muslim call to prayer at all hours, becoming the first major American city to allow the announcement or “adhan” to be heard over speakers five times a day, all year-round.

TikTok CEO, EU, UK to Address ‘Online Harms’ at World Economic Forum Meeting

No specifics about what qualifies as abusive or harmful.

Official Bans Christmas Celebrations in District in Indonesia

A New Mexico church has given gifts to nearly 2,500 children.

The ‘China Model’ and the WEF

For decades Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has been recruiting and cultivating corporate and political leaders from all over the world to embrace a vision and plan for a complete social, political, and economic transformation -- a “Great Reset” -- which is nothing short of a communist “New World Order.”

Indonesia Votes to Ban Extramarital Sex, Prohibit Insulting Leaders

Indonesia's Parliament on Tuesday voted to revise the country's penal code to criminalize all sex outside of marriage and to prohibit insulting the president, vice president and state institutions or ideology.

China to Increase Nuclear Warheads to 1,500

China is expanding its nuclear force and is on pace to nearly quadruple the number of warheads it has by 2035, rapidly closing its gap with the United States, the Pentagon said in a report released Tuesday.

The Need to Add Health Status to Anti-Discrimination Law

What would happen if a “private” education or health care facility denied service to someone who not only didn’t take precautions against contracting HIV, but was actually HIV-positive?

VP Harris Meets With China’s Xi In Bid To ‘Keep Lines Open’

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke briefly with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Saturday in another step toward keeping lines of communication open between the two biggest economies.

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