Russia and China Coordinate to Create a G7 Alternative

They plan to start by including five major emerging economies.

Survey: American Media Is Least-Trusted Media in the World

Americans trust the media in much smaller percentages than populations of other nations.

In Starker Terms Than Ever, China Threatens War Over Taiwan

At a recent conference, China was defiant and confrontational and the Biden administration continued to be ambiguous and uninspiring.

U.S. Overtakes China to Become India’s Largest Trading Partner

The United States has become India’s top trading partner, ousting China from the spot and further cementing U.S. business ties with the South Asian superpower.

Global Rice Production Set to Plunge 10%, Threatening Half of Humanity

Farmers in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam — the largest rice-producing countries could experience reduced output due to soaring fertilizer prices.

White House Plans to ‘Vaccinate the World’

Virtual meeting between U.S., Germany, Belize, Indonesia, Senegal aimed at "ending the acute phase" of the coronavirus pandemic, White House says.

Christians in Lands of Persecution Fear Attacks on Easter

"526 Christians have lost their lives while celebrating Easter over the past seven years."

Skippy Recalls Over 161,000 Pounds of Peanut Butter

Skippy Foods issued a voluntary recall of its peanut butter jars on Wednesday. 

Easter Is the Latest Holiday Hit by Inflation; Candy Prices Surge, Supply Shortages Abound

Easter is the latest holiday to be affected by inflation, as price surges and shortages of necessary raw materials hamper candy producers.

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