Feds Mass-Released Single Adult Illegal Immigrants, Mostly Men, Who Were Driven by Taxi to Texas Airport for Travel to Other Us Cities

Video caught the moments that numerous single adult illegal immigrants — released from federal custody — were taken by bus to a small, unmarked office in a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas, and then transported by taxi to an airport, where they were headed to other United States cities, Fox News reported.

TSA Says It Will Accept Arrest Warrants as ID for Illegal Aliens at Airports

What sort of identification do you need to fly from a U.S. airport? According to the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), there are 16 forms of ID you can use to board an airplane. Generally, they include any government-issued ID like a driver’s license or a passport as well as military IDs, transportation worker cards, and a border crossing card.

ICE loses track of more than 47,000 illegal immigrants released into the U.S. since March

The migrants were given directions to report to ICE offices within 60 days of their apprehensions, about half did not

Previously Deported Illegal Aliens Aren’t Entitled to Bond Hearing After 6 Months Detention, Supreme Court Hears

An illegal alien under a deportation order is not entitled to a bond hearing after six months of detention, the Biden administration told the Supreme Court this morning.

We Need a Revolution

A recent Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action against the government can be justifiable. This view...

Kevin McCarthy Pledges as Speaker He Will Not Consider Amnesty or Gun Control Legislation

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview taped in December that the House would not consider any legislation that grants amnesty to illegal aliens if he becomes the speaker next year.

Nearly 1 Million Noncitizens Can Now Vote in New York: ‘Careless Legislation’

"This careless legislation dilutes the voices of American citizens and is not in line with the views of the vast majority of our city."

Gov. DeSantis’ 6 Big Achievements of 2021

While conservatives might have suffered through 2021 without former President Donald Trump in the White House, the year did unveil to America a silver lining: Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a lot in common with Trump including the former president’s penchant for getting big things done.

Biden Regularly Flies Illegal Immigrant Minors to Pennsylvania Airport, Including on Christmas Day: ‘Ghost Flights’

Hundreds of migrants have been brought to Pennsylvania’s Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport and bussed to unknown destinations by the Biden administration.

Trump’s Major Gains with Hispanics Give Republicans Major Advantage

For the first time in polling history, Republicans and Democrats are equally well-liked among Latino voters.

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