We Can’t Ignore the Toll the Pandemic Has Taken on the Health of Our Kids

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s hospitals and health systems across the United States found themselves stretched thin.

Investigation Launched into John Kerry for Alleged Secret Negotiations with China

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer investigates John Kerry's secretive negotiations with China and accuses him of potentially undermining U.S. interests under the guise of climate advocacy, requests documents and information for transparency.

Minnesota Bill Legalizes Infanticide

Bill goes "far beyond any interpretation of the Minnesota Supreme Court case Doe v. Gomez," which is the state’s version of Roe v. Wade, legal experts say.

Why Only 16% Of Gen Z Are Proud to Be an American, and What We Should Do About It

Only 16% of Gen Zers are “proud” to live in the United States.

Ignore the Woke Panic About the English Language

Almost a decade back, a group of buddies and I were watching a newish Robin Hood movie, and a young mentee asked why British authorities were hanging a Caucasian bandit: “He’s white — that ain’t realistic.”

Florida Activates National Guard Amid Illegal Immigrant Influx

Gov. DeSantis activates National Guard, directs state agencies to support local governments responding to influx of migrants in Florida Keys; Biden administration's response deemed "inept."

How COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer

Antibodies are studied more than other immune proteins for association with disease.

Top 10 Stories the Establishment Media Ignored in 2022

The establishment media ignored multiple relevant news stories in 2022.

Saying ‘Christmas’ Is Not ‘Inclusive Enough—It’s Too ‘Christian-Centric,’ Says UK University

The University of Brighton has issued guidance to its lecturers encouraging the use of "inclusive language," including avoiding the term "Christmas" in favor of "winter closure period" and not asking students about their "Christian name."

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