Chinese Researchers Mapped COVID Virus Structure Two Weeks Before Sharing Globally: WSJ Report

Chinese scientists uploaded a sequence of the COVID-19 virus to a U.S. database on December 19, 2019, two weeks before the virus was shared across the world, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Record Cold Weather Cancels Candidate Events Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

Record-breaking cold weather and winter storms have canceled some events just ahead of the Iowa Caucuses.

Trump Sees 69% Republican Support

A Fox News survey found that Donald Trump is leading the Republican primary nomination.

Debate Audience Told to Stop Booing Chris Christie

Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked those in the audience to collect themselves.

RNC Debate Sees Candidates Divided Over Trump’s Future, Ukraine Support

Ramaswamy, consistently taking a bolder stance than his counterparts, challenged the candidates, "Join me making a commitment that on day one, you would pardon Donald Trump."

Trump Not Attending GOP Presidential Debate

The inaugural debate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is set to take place this Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Widespread Overdiagnosis of Breast Cancer in Older Women: Study

According to new research, breast cancer in women ages 70 to 85 is often overdiagnosed, leading to unnecessary treatment.

Trump to Opt Out of Tucker Carlson Interview During First 2024 GOP Forum

Donald Trump is to opt out of an interview series hosted by Tucker Carlson.

Trump Beats DeSantis in Governor’s Home State of Florida

Trump leads DeSantis by 20 points.

Vivek Ramaswamy Ranks in Top 3 Presidential Candidates at Moms for Liberty Event

Attendees at a Moms for Liberty event in Philadelphia ranked five Republican presidential candidates.

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