Hollywood Star Katherine Heigl Leaves California for Utah: ‘Needed Somewhere to Escape’

Katherine Heigl revealed she left Hollywood after realizing she needed "somewhere to escape to."

Pentagon Confirms Depleted Uranium Rounds to Ukraine Despite Danger to Civilians

"Depleted uranium may pose a risk to both soldiers and local civilian populations," according to Harvard International Review.

Gov. Newsom’s National Constitutional Amendment Limiting Gun Access Halted

May result in a national Constitutional Convention, which last occurred in 1787.

Chinese Behemoth Property Developer Evergrande Declares Bankruptcy After Experts Blamed BlackRock for ‘Blowing Up’ China’s Real Estate Bubble

As of the conclusion of the prior year, the firm, with its linked enterprises holding assets in the U.S., declared outstanding liabilities amounting to $335 billion.

California Bill Could Criminalize Parents Protesting School Board Meetings

A new bill introduced in California would criminalize "substantial disorder," by parents protesting at school board meetings.

BlackRock, Other U.S. Investment Firms to Blame for China’s Real Estate Collapse

"We should be ready for a major real estate property downturn, not just in China, but across the world."

Formal Lab Analysis Confirms Cocaine Found at White House Days After Hunter Biden Seen on Grounds

"We have just learned that a formal lab has confirmed the suspicion that that white powdery substance found in the West Wing on Sunday was in fact positive for cocaine," MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell reported on Wednesday.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Asking New Yorkers to House Illegals In Their Homes

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now calling for New Yorkers to host illegal aliens in their own homes.

Fancy NYC Hotel Housing Illegals Becomes ‘Free For All’ For Drugs, Underage Drinking

A trendy hotel in New York City that has been transformed into migrant housing has become a hot spot for drugs, violence and underage drinking.

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