Hunter Biden’s Tax Trial Delayed to September Amid Legal Conflicts

Hunter Biden’s federal tax trial in Los Angeles has been rescheduled to Sept. 5 after a judge secured a promise from his defense team...

Christian Leaders Celebrate National Day of Prayer

Christian leaders across the United States took to social media to celebrate National Day of Prayer.

Christian Group Banned from Distributing Bibles at Major Georgia Hospital Due to ‘DEI Inclusion Policies’

The Christian organization "Gideons International," known for distributing Bibles to hospitals and hotels across the country, has been banned from a large hospital system in Georgia due to "diversity, equity, and inclusion policies."

Massachusetts Gives Agencies Millions to Resettle Illegal Immigrants

In a first-of-its-kind program in the United States, the state of Massachusetts has planned to spend $10.5 million on contracts with resettlement agencies to move illegal immigrant families.

Senate Immigration Bill ‘Dead on Arrival’: House Statement

House Republican leaders released a statement on the Senate's immigration bill.

New York City to Provide $53 Million in Prepaid Credit Cards to Illegals

New York City is launching a program that will give $53 million in pre-paid credit cards to illegal immigrants living in hotels in the city.

Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Tax Charges, June Trial Date Set

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty Thursday to nine charges alleging that he failed to pay at least $1.4 million in federal taxes between 2016 and 2019 on foreign earnings.

House Democrats Release Report Condemning Foreign Entities’ Expenditures at Trump-Owned Businesses

House Democrats released a report that attempted to equate foreign businesses ordering room service at Trump hotels with Joe Biden's business dealings.

Joe Biden Spent More Than a Third of 2023 on Vacation

A report from the New York Post detailed the length of time President Joe Biden spent away from the White House.

Chicago Suburbs Reject Busses of Illegals Arriving From Texas

Two Chicago suburbs rejected busloads of immigrants that arrived from El Paso, Texas, over the past week.

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