Soros-Linked Entities Expand Media Presence with Audacy Debt Investment

Earlier this month, Soros Fund Management, the investment firm founded by George Soros, acquired over $400 million worth of debt owed by Audacy, the...

Join Us with Charlie Kirk on March 14

Join us on March 14 for a free event at Influence Church in Anaheim, California, to hear Charlie Kirk.

Christmas Truce of 1914, “Silent Night” story & selected Presidents’ Christmas Greetings “So CHRISTMAS becomes the only holiday in all the year…”-FDR – American...

When the First World War began, British women suffragists sent an Open Christmas Letter "To the Women of Germany and Austria" imploring peace as the first Christmas of...

“Until We Meet Again” & James T. Fields’ The Atlantic Monthly, “The Captain’s Daughter”; “I know Who holds the future and I know Who...

In 1788, poet Robert Burns published an ancient Scottish folk song "Auld Lang Syne," meaning "in days of old gone by." A similar poem was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in...

Baking Company Hosts Competition Excluding White Participants

A Vermont-based baking company is facing criticism for hosting a competition that excluded white contestants from participating, in an attempt to “foster greater inclusivity.”

Pro-Palestine Demonstrators Disrupt Children’s Christmas Performance

Pro-Palestine activists disrupted a children's Christmas performance in Melbourne, Australia.

White House Hosts ‘Wellness’ Meetings for Muslim, Arab and Palestinian Aides

The White House senior staff allegedly held "wellness" meetings for Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian aides to discuss the war and its impact on these individuals.

New York City Nightclub Hosts Pro-Hamas Event

A nightclub in Brooklyn, New York hosted a pro-Hamas "Intifada FundRaver" over the weekend.

Ukraine Hosts International Defense Conference to Boost Domestic Weapons Production

Ukraine hosted an international defense industry conference as part of a government effort to increase weapon production within the country.

Former Ukraine Military Spokesperson Admits ‘Nazi Groups’ Among Foreign Fighter Units

The information was revealed as the result of a prank.

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