Holy Week

Cuba Sentences Woman to 15 Years in Prison For Filming Protests

Cuba sentenced 22-year-old Mayelín Rodríguez Prado to 15 years in prison this week for filming peaceful protests in the town of Nuevitas in August 2022.

Cuba Prohibits Holy Week Marches

The Communist Party of Cuba has reportedly banned Christians from participating in Catholic Holy Week activities across several regions.

‘Happy Ramadan’ Displayed in London During Easter Weekend

London has been decorated with lights, flags, and displays for Ramadan, coinciding with Holy Week and Easter weekend this year.

Biden Funds Border Security for Foreign Countries, Excludes U.S.

The recently passed $1.2 trillion budget bill allocates a significant amount of funds for overseas border efforts.

Pope Francis Skips Traditional Palm Sunday Reading During Mass

Pope Francis broke tradition during the start of Holy Week, skipping a reading of his annual Palm Sunday homily during Mass.

Catholic Priests Kicked Out Of Walter Reed Right Before Easter, Replaced With Secular Group

The Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services accused Walter Reed National Military Medical Center of not allowing Catholic service members and veterans their right to practice their religion.

Burger King Apologizes for ‘Offensive Campaign’ Using Jesus’ Words at the Last Supper

Burger King has apologized amid backlash from Roman Catholics in Spain for using the words of Jesus at the Last Supper to promote its veggie burger during Holy Week.

Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar Asked ‘Why Do You Hate Christians?’ After Tweeting Video Of Easter Plane Singers

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar faces a torrent of backlash after she tweeted a video of Christians on a plane celebrating Easter by singing, with...

On Palm Sunday, Pope Calls for Easter Truce in Ukraine, Condemns ‘Folly of War’

Pope Francis called for an Easter truce in Ukraine and condemned the "folly of war" as he led Palm Sunday services in St. Peter's Square before an audience of tens of thousands of people.

Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For ‘Inciting’ Church Warns Americans: ‘The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore’

The Polish-Canadian pastor who faces a potential four-year jail sentence for holding church services in Calgary, Alberta, is warning Americans that the tyranny he saw growing up in communist Poland has spread to Western countries.

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