New Disney Cartoon Series Features Elites Drinking Blood and Worshiping Idols

A new Disney-produced cartoon series is based on an Illuminati-style cult of elites drinking blood and worshiping an all-seeing eye symbol.

Ice Cube Admits He Didn’t Get Movie Role Because He Refused COVID Vaccine

In a recent appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast, rapper Ice Cube admitted that he didn't land a $9 million movie deal after refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

Hollywood Celebrities Sign Letter Calling For Censorship of Anyone Who Opposes Trans Children’s Surgeries

Two-hundred-fifty Hollywood celebrities have signed an open letter calling for companies to censor those who oppose transgender surgeries on children.

Second Whistleblower Says Hunter Biden Evaded Taxes

A second whistleblower said Hunter Biden evaded paying millions in taxes by creating a scheme.

Sen. Joni Ernst Introduces Act to Halt Taxpayer-Funded Weapons for IRS and Disarm the Agency

The IRS has been reported to have spent $35.2 million since 2006 on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment, with $10 million expended since 2020 alone.

Alicia Silverstone Endorses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President

"Last year, I cancelled my Democratic Party registration and registered as an Independent voter," Silverstone stated in her post.

Capitol Door Opened on Jan 6, Giving Over 300 Demonstrators Unrestricted Access: JTN Report (Video)

Security footage has confirmed that a door at the U.S. Capitol was opened during the January 6, 2021 unrest, enabling more than 300 individuals to freely enter the building.

Preschool, Elementary Students Forced to Participate in ‘Pride Month’ Celebrations

Young children in Charlottesville, Virginia were forced to participate in Pride events at their elementary school recent video shows.

Journalist Claims Jan 6 Committee Scripted Capitol Events

The event was entirely "scripted," said Just The News founder John Solomon.

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