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Hollywood Celebrities Sign Letter Calling For Censorship of Anyone Who Opposes Trans Children’s Surgeries

Two-hundred-fifty Hollywood celebrities have signed an open letter calling for companies to censor those who oppose transgender surgeries on children.

Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies in Trial Alleging Illegal Chinese Influence in Obama Campaign Donation Plan

The trial of Prakazrel "Pras" Michel and Leonardo DiCaprio's testimony highlights the connection China has with the Obama admin. and the Hollywood film industry.

Billionaires, Hollywood Celebrities Don’t Want Public Tracking Their Flights, Carbon Footprint

Billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, and climate activists share fame, fortune, and a profile they work hard to control. All of which is why so many are calling on a public company not to track their flights and expose their carbon footprints.

Goldie Hawn Warns COVID-19 Pandemic Has Unleashed Mental Trauma on an Entire Generation of Kids

Goldie Hawn warned that the national trauma inflicted on children by the COVID-19 pandemic is approaching and "could very well surpass" the dread brought on by the 9/11 terror attacks and the Cold War.

SCIENCE STUPIDITY: Hollywood celebrities will only be required to wear a mask at Oscars during commercial breaks

The 93rd annual Academy Awards is scheduled to take place this Sunday primarily at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, and the masking requirements for Hollywood celebrities in attendance are too ridiculous not to mention.

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