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Radical Leftist Group ‘Tyre Extinguishers’ Targets SUVs Worldwide, Deflating Tires in Covert Operations

The Tyre Extinguishers, a radical left-leaning organization, has been deflating the tires of SUVs in multiple countries as a means to combat climate change and discourage SUV ownership in urban areas, leading to mixed reactions from local residents and concerns about property damage and inconvenience.

New York to Rescind COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

New York officials plan to rescind a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Depression at New High in America

29% of U.S. adults have been diagnosed with depression at some point throughout their life.

WHO Cuts Back on COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance

The World Health Organization acknowledged there are "comparatively low public health returns" for some groups receiving the COVID-19 booster.

New Study Links Moderna COVID Vax to Blood in Urine: Journal of Medical Case Reports

A recent medical report has identified the self-limited occurrence of gross hematuria (blood in urine) in two elderly men who were on a combination of aspirin and another antiplatelet or anticoagulant following their second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID Vax Should Be Designated ‘Pregnancy Category X’: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. James Thorp

Dr. Thorp offers to testify in lawsuits against those promoting the vaccine and accuses the medical industry of corruption and unethical practices.

Virginia AG Probes Religious Discrimination Cases After Hospital Fires Experienced Health Workers Over COVID Jab Exemptions

Virginia Attorney General is investigating religious discrimination cases after Inova Loudoun Hospital revoked Covid-19 vaccine exemptions, leading to the firing of experienced health workers.

Tennessee Passes Ban on Child Sex Changes, Governor Expected to Sign

The Tennessee Legislature has passed a bill that bans sex change procedures for minors, which is now awaiting approval from Governor Bill Lee.

Scientists ‘Strongly Speculate’ COVID Vax Causes Body’s Immune System to Attack the Brain: ‘Autoimmune Encephalitis’ (Journal Medicine)

"The most frequent psychiatric manifestations are behavioral or personality/mood changes, ranging from irritability or agitation to severe anxiety, depression, and full-blown psychosis with abnormal thought processes and hallucinations," the study authors write.

The Masking Debate Is Settled

What is the Cochran Library?

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